Why fuzzy logic ?

What is fuzzy logic ?

Fuzzy logic is a concept based on the degree of truth, which means the computing of values is based on the degree of truth rather than just true and false values. There is either true or false in boolean values, but in fuzzy logic, the possibility of true is shown. This fuzzy logic idea was first started by Lotfi Zadeh of the University of California in 1960.

Why Fuzzy Logic ?

Fuzzy logic is used in artificial intelligence. There are only two basic boolean conditions in computers, either true or false, but with the help of artificial intelligence, machines can make decisions as per human thinking ability. Fuzzy logic makes it easy to control machines and output by giving many inputs like a temperature control system.

Applications of Fuzzy logic

  1. In automobile systems, fuzzy logic is used for the gear selection system based on road conditions and engine load.
  2. In a copy machine, fuzzy logic sets the drum voltage according to image or colour or humidity.
  3. In the washing machine or the dishwasher, the fuzzy logic determines the washing strategy as per the condition.
  4. In the environment control system, the fuzzy logic set the temperature as per the present condition.
  5. In chemical factories fuzzy logic maintains the pH value according to situations.