Why is AI booming now ?

AI (Artificial intelligence)

AI (Artificial intelligence) is a technique where we can program machines which will work like humans and use its mind to make decisions per situation. AI was invented first in 1955 by John McCarthy. In 1956 he arranged a conference where they officially announced Artificial Intelligence.

Why is AI booming now ?

Nowadays artificial intelligence is getting much more popular, because machines with AI have more intelligence than common machines which increase the productivity of every organisation. Not only in the machine field but Artificial intelligence is also useful in other fields like entertainment, education, life saving and in many more  fields which is very helpful for that respective field.

Why Artificial intelligence

  1. Better Precision : Artificial intelligence does extraordinary things which was not possible earlier, for instance communication like alexa or google home which are completely found in deep learning. In the medical field it includes object recognition or MRI which is very helpful.
  2. AI adds intelligence : Artificial intelligence adds intelligence in every possible thing which makes it more powerful and reliable. AI increases the ability of products and also increases productivity.
  3. AI depends on data : AI algorithms totally depend on the input from the user on which they show the action or take the decisions.