Media object and list group

Media Objects

Bootstrap Media objects such as photos or videos can be linked to the left or right of other content in a simple and effective way.

Bootstrap Media Objects objects are used when some data is placed next to content to create complex and repetitive content objects.

Categories of available media are:



Bootstrap space is used for controlled wrap and width.

Left and Right Alignment

The "left-media" category is used to align the left media object.

The “media-right” section is used to better align the media object.

The "media-body" category is used for content placement.


<div class = "left-media"> <img src = "..."> </div> <div class = "media-body"> Content will be posted </div>

Example of Media Objects

<div class="container"> <div class = "left-media"> <img src = "dol_img.jpeg"> </div> <div class = "media-body"> Content will be posted </div> </div>


media object

List groups

Groups list is used to display a series of content. We may modify it as support for any content according to our needs. The use of List-Groups only indicates a series or list of content in an orderly manner.

Below is the Basic List Group created using a list that is not included in HTML, with the appropriate Bootstrap categories:

<div class="container"> <p> Listing </p> <ul class = "list-group"> <li class = "list-group-item"> research </li> <li class = "list-group-item"> pay bills </li> <li class = "list-group-item"> leave email </li> </ul> </div>


list group