Panels and wells

What is bootstrap ?

Bootstrap is a framework provided by CSS. This framework is responsive and mobile friendly. It contains CSS and JavaScript features. It is a front-end development framework. Bootstrap is a powerful framework and collection of HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is used to build web pages and web applications. It is a free open-source framework.

What is a panel?

In the bootstrap panel is a bordered box which contains some padding around other elements. It is used when we want to put some DOM components in a web page. Class panel is used in

tag which creates the bootstrap panel. The contents in the panel have a panel-body class. Panel has three parts.

  1. Panel header
  2. Panel content
  3. Panel footer

Panel group is used to group the panels. We can use panel group in


<div class="container"> <div class = "panel panel-default"> <div class = "panel-heading"> Panel heading without title </div> <div class = "panel-body"> Panel content </div> </div> <div class = "panel panel-default"> <div class = "panel-heading"> <h3 class = "panel-title"> Panel With title </h3> </div> <div class = "panel-body"> Panel content </div> </div> <div class = "panel panel-default"> <div class = "panel-body"> This is a Basic panel </div> <div class = "panel-footer">Panel footer</div> </div> </div>



What are wells?

Wells are also the same as panels. For giving some attention to some specific contain wells are used. Basically, well class adds a rounded border around an element, with grey background and some padding. We can change the size of wells. well-sm give small size while. well-lg give large size.


<div class="container"> <div class = "well well-lg">Hi, am in large well !!</div> <div class = "well well-sm">Hi, am in small well !!</div> </div>