Aws Service Catalog

Aws Service Catalog

  • Allows you to build, manage, and distribute authorised product catalogues to end customers, who may then access the goods they require through a customised portal.
  • To ensure compliance with organisational business standards, administrators can regulate which users have access to each product. End users just need IAM access to AWS Service Catalog to install authorised resources, which administrators may set up with chosen roles.
  • This is a service that is only available in the region.


  • Users
    • Catalog administrators are in charge of managing a product catalogue, arranging it into portfolios, and allowing end users access. To offer sophisticated resource management, catalogue administrators create AWS CloudFormation templates, establish restrictions, and manage IAM roles associated with goods.
    • AWS Service Catalog allows end users to launch products to which they have been authorised access.


  • EC2 instances, storage volumes, databases, monitoring settings, and networking components, as well as bundled AWS Marketplace goods, may all be used.
  • You may handle various versions of the goods in your catalogue using the Versioning Service Catalog.
  • There are three possible states for a version:
    • Active - A version that is active shows in the version list and may be launched by users.
    • Inactive - A version that is no longer active is hidden from the version list. Existing supplied goods will not be impacted by this version.
    • Deleted - A version is removed from the version list when it is deleted. It is impossible to reverse the deletion of a version.
  • Control of access
  • AWS IAM permissions are used to limit who has access to your goods and portfolios.
  • You may prevent granting users access to execute unauthorised actions by assigning an IAM role to each product and allowing them to provide resources via the catalogue.