Amazon Glacier

What is the Amazon Glacier ?

Amazon glacier is a storage service, which is also known as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Amazon Glacier is a low cost service offered by Amazon web service for data with longer retrieval times. Amazon Glacier provides data for data backup of cold data. Cold data means the files or data which we don’t access regularly but kept if we need somehow. Amazon glacier moves the cold data or the data which we don’t use often in archival which saves money and space.

Benefits of Amazon Glacier

  • Reduces cost : : Amazon Glacier is designed for lower cost service by Amazon Web Service. Amazon Glacier reduces much cost as compared to Amazon storage service.
  • Maintain the database :Many organisations don’t handle it database, so AWS or glacier handle it well such as archival data.
  • Durability of Glacier : Amazon Glacier goes from three AWS availability zones at a time which increases its ability.
  • Scalability of database :Any organisation can scale up or down the database.
  • Various retrieval methods :  Organisations can retrieve data in any manner using any method.
  • Security :: Glacier provides various security to the data of every organisation.
  • Integration facility : : Glacier provides various security to the data of every organisation.

Future Scope of AWS

AWS has a bright future if you want to do a career in AWS then various online platforms provide good courses for it, so hurry up and join them.