Amazon Machine Learning

What is machine learning ?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence which provides a facility to automatically learn and experience without any explicit programming. Machine learning learns and develops itself by observation such as direct experience or instruction. Machine learning uses previous data and predicts new output.

Types of machine learning

  1. Supervised learning : In this type data scientist supply the algorithm with label data where the input and output is specified.
  2. Unsupervised learning : In this type the algorithm trains the unlabeled data , as well as the prediction of output is predetermined.
  3. Semi-supervised learning : This learning type mixes up the previous two types and shows much better functionalities.
  4. Reinforcement learning :Data scientists use this where they teach multi step operations to the machines with some sort of rules.

What is Amazon Machine Learning ?

Amazon machine learning is a service provided by Amazon Web Service. This service allows developers to discover patterns in end users through various algorithms. Amazon provides the best, robust, cloud best service which make them best.

Advantages of machine learning

  1. Machine improves continuously using the algorithms and the observation it does.
  2. Machine learning is an automation thing where machines have the ability to make decisions automatically.
  3. Machine learning has various trends and patterns in which they work smoothly.
  4. Machine learning technology works in almost every field and we can use it everywhere.