Aws Directory Service

Aws Directory Service

AWS launched AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Standard Edition), also known as AWS Microsoft AD (Standard Edition), which is a managed Microsoft Active Directory (AD) that is targeted for small and medium enterprises. For managing users, groups, and machines in the AWS Cloud, AWS Microsoft AD (Standard Edition) delivers a highly available and cost-effective main directory.. It makes it simple to connect Amazon EC2 instances to your domain and supports a wide range of AWS and third-party apps and services. It can also handle the majority of small and midsize company use cases. You can control access and offer single sign-on (SSO) to cloud apps like Microsoft Office 365 when you use AWS Microsoft AD (Standard Edition) as your primary directory.

Federated use cases employing Active Directory credentials are likewise supported by Amazon Managed Microsoft AD. You may login in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console using Amazon Managed Microsoft AD alone. You can also get short-term credentials for use with the Amazon SDK and CLI, and utilise preconfigured SAML connectors to login into various cloud apps using Amazon Web Services Single Sign On. You may sign in to Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud apps with credentials saved in Amazon Managed Microsoft AD by using Azure AD Connect and, if desired, Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS).

Data Types

Several data kinds are available in the AWS Directory Service API, which are used by various operations. This section delves into the specifics of each data type.

  • ClientAuthenticationSettingInfo
  • Attribute\sCertificate\sCertificateInfo
  • ClientCertAuthSettings
  • Computer\sConditionalForwarder
  • DirectoryConnectSettings
  • DirectoryConnectSettingsDescription\sDirectoryDescription\sDirectoryLimits
  • DirectoryVpcSettings
  • DirectoryVpcSettingsDescription\sDomainController
  • EventTopic
  • IpRoute\sIpRouteInfo
  • LDAPSSettingInfo
  • LogSubscription\sOwnerDirectoryDescription\sRadiusSettings
  • RegionDescription\sRegionsInfo
  • SchemaExtensionInfo
  • SharedDirectory
  • ShareTarget
  • Snapshot
  • SnapshotLimits\sTag\sTrust\sUnshareTarget