AWS Snowball

What is AWS Snowball ?

AWS Snowball is an Amazon service where they provide a safe and secure device, so that you can bring the computing and storage facilities in your edge environment. Using AWS Snowball facility you can transfer data into and out of AWS. AWS Snowball is used to speed up the data sharing speed of AWS cloud using portable devices. The Snowball family contains Snowball, Snowball edge and Snowmobile.

  1. Snowball : It is a petabyte scale data transport solution which is used to transfer data into and out of AWS. Data transferring with Snowball is simple, secure and cost efficient
  2. Snowball Edge : Snowball Edge is a 100 TB data transfer data rate, it contains onboard and compute facilities. It is mostly used to transfer large amounts of data.

  3. Features of Snowmobile Edge
    1. S3 Compatible endpoints : Edge contains AWS EC2 and Amazon S3 at end points.
    2. File Interface : This interface is used to read and write in a file using NFS.
    3. Fast data transfer : Data transfer rate is upto 100 GB/s in Snowball Edge.
    4. Encryption : Snowball Edge contains a good encryption mechanism while data transfer.
  4.         Snowmobile :  Snowball was invented in 2016. Snowmobile is exabyte service you can transfer upto 100 PB per snowmobile. Snowmobile allows you to transfer massive amounts of data in the cloud. It is faster, simple and secure.