Amazon Inspector

What is an Amazon Inspector ?

Amazon Inspector is an automated assessment service provided by AWS (Amazon web service), that helps to improve all the security of applications deployed on AWS by using various security mechanisms. After the complete assessment Amazon inspector creates a list where all the error findings are listed and prioritized by severity.

Steps to set Amazon Inspector

  1. Launch an EC2 instance
  2. Modify security group and open port 21
  3. Define an assessment target
  4. Define an assessment template.
  5. Check all the findings
  6. Remove port
  7. Again review findings.

Benefits of Amazon Inspector 

  1. Identifies security issues : Amazon Inspector does the assessment and then gives a detailed report about security issues as per the priority.
  2. Integrate security into devops : This makes it easy for you to build inspector assessment in the existing Devops process, decentralized and automating vulnerability assessments.
  3. Increase Development Agility : Amazon inspector reduces the risk of any security issues in development or while deployment of any application by assessment which increase the agility of development.
  4. AWS Security Expertise : Amazon inspector makes available to you in the form of a service that simplifies the process.
  5. Raise Security Standards : AWS Inspector raise the standard by using various security rules at the application.