Amazon Redshift

What is Amazon Redshift ?

Amazon Redshift is a fast, powerful and fully managed cloud service provided by amazon. Customers can use Amazon Redshift for just $0.25 per hour.

Redshift Configuration

Redshift has two types of nodes

  • Single node
  • Multi node

Single Node : Single node can stores upto 160 GB

Multi Node : Multi nodes consist of more than 1 node. Multi nodes have 2 types. 

  1. Leader node : Leader node is used to manage client connections and receive queries.
  2. Compute node : This node executes the execution plan and sends the results to the leader node immediately.  

Features of Amazon Redshift

  • Performance :Amazon Redshift provides columnar data storage, compression and many more features which improves the performance.
  • Easy to set up, deployment and management : Amazon Redshift is very easy to set, manage all the things and can easily deploy.
  • Cost Effective : Amazon Redshift is very cost effective and can be afford by anyone.
  • Scales up as per need : Redshift can scale up or down as per users need.
  • Security : Amazon Redshift is very secure and it provides proper security to every user.
  • Columnar data storage : Redshift system provides columnar data storage system. Row based storage systems are good for transaction processing while columnar data storage is good for data warehousing and analytics.
  • Advance compression : Amazon redshift can compress more than a row data storage system. The data is stored sequentially on disk.
  • Parallel Processing : Redshift system distributes data to all node as per the query needs and it supports multi process at a time.