AWS OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks

AWS OpsWorks (Amazon Web Services OpsWorks) is a cloud-based service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that manages the deployment of infrastructure to cloud managers. The service is automated with the deployment, configuration and operation of distributed applications. With OpsWorks, cloud managers and developers can define infrastructure configuration and resource management, such as storage and data options, and select the operating system (OS) and model model to be used for the system.

OpsWorks organizes programs into layers to provide Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) application features and services. Using an open source configuration tool, engineers can customize stacks or use pre-built background templates for Chef documents called cookbooks. These layers use common elements in Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Java, Amazon RDS, HA Proxy, MySQL and Memcached.

Stacks define system configuration, including server, database and load balancing options. Layers configure subsystems - such as the Web or database servers - and manage resource sets including Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes and expandable IP addresses. Computer default limit of 20 stacks using 20 layers each.

Once the stack is set, OpsWorks draws application code from a user-defined location and applies it to situations. Applications can run within Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC); OpsWorks also supports AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) and provides security collections built within each layer.

OpsWorks can measure conditions during the day or CPU rate and handle software updates as needed. Load balancers can also be used to move traffic between situations. OpsWorks also evaluates app health throughout its life, recovery and installation programs. When certain events exceed resource limits, OpsWorks generates alarms to trigger alerts or to take action.

OpsWorks service is free; subscribers pay for computer power, storage and other paid services used. OpsWorks supports local servers, which are charged hourly, but no additional computer charges are required in addition to the required conditions, EBS volumes, Elastic IP addresses and other AWS resources.