Amazon Cloudwatch

What is Amazon Cloudwatch ?

Amazon Cloudwatch is a component of Amazon web service which provides real time monitoring on AWS resources and applications of customers running on Amazon infrastructure, like EC2 instances, auto scaling, load balancer, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3 and many more. Amazon Cloudwatch monitors multiple resources from a single console. Amazon Cloudwatch collects and stores operational metrics and log files from resources.

Cloudwatch consists of two different services which are treated under the same name Cloudwatch.

  1. Metrics Service
  2. Logging service

Cloudwatch Metrics Service

Amazon Cloudwatch metrics service is consist of :

  1. Metrics collected from AWS services
  2. Dashboard that display metric data
  3. Alarm triggered as metric value change
  4. Stream of events.
  1. Metrics : Metrics are time ordered data points collected by AWS services. The metrics are named as timestamp, namespace.
  2. Dashboard : Dashboard of cloudwatch is a customizable page where you can configure and monitor your resources.
  3. Alarm : Cloudwatch alarms constantly monitor every action and send alerts if there is anything going beyond limit. The status of the alarm is shown in the dashboard.
  4. Events : Cloudwatch events are created by the state of your AWS resources and create a stream of events for processing. Cloudwatch events can also generate scheduled events.

Cloudwatch Logging Service

Cloudwatch log is Amazon’s foundational and unified solution for AWS services and customer’s application. It provides log data, capture, stores and retention policies and basic management properties.