AWS Config

What is AWS Config ?

AWS Config (Amazon Web Service Config) is a service provided by AWS. AWS Config is a cloud auditing tool and provides an inventory of existing resources. AWS Config allows administrators to track all the resources and also check that all the resources are properly working or not. AWS Configure records all the resource configuration and also uses the Amazon simple notification system which notify administrators about all the changes done in configuration. Admin can allow AWS Config to receive all the updated information of resource configuration.

AWS Config does following things :

  1. Retrieve configuration details of all resources present in your account.
  2. Retrieve historical configuration of one or more resources.
  3. Make evaluation of all resources for any rule.
  4. Sends notification when it gets created, modified, updated or removed.
  5. Show relevant relationships between resources.

Benefits of AWS Config

  1. Continuous Monitoring : AWS Config Service continuously takes updates of every account. AWS Config  shows every single information to the user where it gives notification to the user using a simple notification system about every update in resource configuration.
  2. Continuous Assessments : AWS provides a regular assessment of every resource and also makes audits and evaluation. You can make your own rule for evaluation.
  3. Can change the management : Using AWS Config you are able to watch the relationship among resources and also can get the dependency flow of resources. You can change or manage all the things and can set your  own rules using AWS Config.