Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch is a managed service in the AWS cloud, enables you to set up, maintain and extend your website or application search solution easily and cost-effectively.


You can add rich search features to your website or application quickly using Amazon CloudSearch. You can build a search domain and upload the data you want to search using a few clicks on the AWS management console. Amazon CloudSearch automates with the needed resources and a finely tailored search index. You are also able to download data.

You may quickly update your search parameters, adjust the relevance of your search, and make any new changes. Amazon CloudSearch measures smoothly to suit your demands as your data and traffic volumes fluctuate.

  • Simple:You may use the AWS management console, AWS CLI and AWS SDKs to configure and maintain an Amazon CloudSearch domain. Just take a sample of your data, and Amazon CloudSearch will automatically suggest how to establish the indexing options of your domain.
  • Scalable: Amazon CloudSearch provides highly auto-scaled applications for all search areas. Amazon CloudSearch can upload or reduce resources for your search domain as required when your data or query volume varies.
  • Reliable: Amazon CloudSearch automates your search domains with monitoring and recovery. Amazon CloudSearch provides and maintains resources in 2 availability zones for a search field to ensure high accessibility when Multi-AZ is enabled.
  • High performance: Amazon CloudSearch guarantees minimal latency and high performance with automatic sharings, horizontal and vertical autoscale even at huge scales.
  • Completely Managed: Amazon CloudSearch is a custom search service fully managed. Provisioning, installation and configuration of hardware and software, software patches, data divisioning, node monitoring, scalability and the durability of data will be handled.
  • Amazon CloudSearch includes sophisticated search capabilities such as free search, boolean search, auto-faced suggestions, custom ranks for pertinence and query ranking expressions, field weighting, geological search, emphasising and Rich search features. 34 languages assistance
  • Cost-Effective: CloudSearch from Amazon has been engineered to be economical. You pay minimal rates per hour, and you use just resources. Compared to your own search environment, Amazon CloudSearch offers cheap total ownership costs for your search applications.
  • Secure: Amazon CloudSearch employs robust user authentication and prevents unauthorised access to your domains through cryptographic means.