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Fetch Data

What is fetch data ?

Fetching is a process of data retrieval using any program, script, or device. After fetching the data, it will either move to any other place or may get displayed on the screen—retrieving data from the server by requesting it. In web development, it would like to show the data on an HTML page fetched from the server or fetched from the data entered by the user, In softwares show data after the input from the user and many more.

Data fetching methods

There are various fetching methods provided by javascript, which are as follows :

  • Data provided by server : In HTML, we can fetch and display data provided by the server where you can get data, and if you want fresh/updated data, you just have to refresh the page.
  • Fetch API :In javascript, a fetch API mechanism helps retrieve the user data. Using some methods, you can easily fetch the data. It is enclosed between the fetchUsersWithFetchAPI() method.
  • Axios API : Axios is a UserTableRenderProp component, it has the same API as Fetch, but it handles all the errors, where the fetch API just returns error 404.
  • Fetching data with Async/Await in React js.
  • Fetch From A GraphQL API : GraphQL returns json instead of HTTP; the main difference is that data gets fetched at the end of the query.
  • Fetching data with reach hooks : React’s features don’t require classes; we can use this for fetching data. Here all the code is enclosed between the UserTableReactHook() method.