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Tab Bar

Tab Bar

A TabBar is a control used to display and set one or more bar button items in a tab bar for the choice of subtasks, views or modes within the iOS application. TabBar is used to provide a list of tabs in the application in conjunction with the TabBarController. However, we can use the tab bar as an independent control in the application. The Tab Bar is an example of UITabBar, a UIView class.

On the bottom of the screen, the tab bar constantly shows. One or more UITabBar items are included in a UITabBar object. However, by altering its backdrop color, picture, or tint color by the interface, we may adapt the appearance of the Tab Bar. Upon using the UITabBarController object, an integrated UITabBar object is provided that may be changed using or programmatically using an interface builder.

The delegated object, alerted in response to selecting, adding, deleting or rearranging items in the tab bar, is connected to a UITabBar object. The UITabBarDelegate protocol includes a collection of methods to use tab bar elements.

Tab Bar items configuration

You can use the building interface to configure the elements in the tab bar. We may also use the UITabBar class attributes and methods to program them. The accompanying UITabBar is set up with certain basic tab-bar items when adding the UITabBarController object to a storyboard. However, according to the interface standards, we can add, remove and reorder things.

When we add a new visual controller to a tab bar controller and establish the relationship between these controllers, a new item is automatically added to the tab bar controller's tab bar.

Attributes of Interface Builder

Background The background image to show in the tab bar is represented. When configuring the background object, the tab bar ignores tint color information.
Shadow The shadow picture for the tab bar is custom represented. This attribute is not set until you alter the background image for the tab bar.
Selection The image for the selected tab is shown. The selectionIndicatorImage property can be used to set this attribute programmatically.
Image Tint The color to apply for the chosen object is the tint color. You can use the tintColor property for programmatic access.
Style The basic style given to the bar illustrates this. We need the UITabBar class barStyle attribute to set the style programmatically.
Bar Tint The color to be applied to the bar is represented. This characteristic can be programmed with the BarTintColor property.
Item Positioning This is the placement pattern for the item. It determines the length of the bar between the elements.