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Tab bar Controller

Tab bar Controller

We need the user functionality to move between completely separate program areas in iOS applications. We may need to have a tab bar at the bottom with the various buttons to interact with the buttons to change to the different portions of the application. Tab Bar Controllers will be used for this purpose. The tab bar controllers are discussed in this section of the lesson.

A Tab Bar Controller is a container visual controller that handles an array of visual controllers within a radio-selected interface to enable the visually determined visual controller to be displayed by the user interface. It is the example of UITabBarController, the UIViewController inheritance.

The Tab Bar Controller maintains a display controller array in which the navigation stack or a custom view controller is attached to each tab. The root view controller of the corresponding stack is presented when the user selects a specific tab. The Tab bar interface is used to present multiple information types or present a different style with the same kind of information.

Properties and methods of UITabBarController

The UITabBarController class includes the following characteristics.

var delegate: UITabBarControllerDelegate? It is an example of the protocol for the delegate of UITabBarController.
protocol UITabBarControllerDelegate The UITabBarControllerDelegate interface provides a collection of methods for adjusting tab bar functionality.
var tabBar: UITabBar It is the tab bar for the controller.
var viewControllers: [UIViewController]? The display controllers must be shown on the bar interface of the tab.
var customizableViewControllers: [UIViewController]? It can be adjusted to the array of view controllers.
var moreNavigationController: UINavigationController The Navigation Controller for more navigation interface management.
var selectedViewController: UIViewController? It shows the view controller linked with the tab presently selected.
var selectedIndex: Int The current index is selected for the view controller.
func setViewControllers([UIViewController]?, animated: Bool) It specifies the root view of the tab bar controller controller.