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What is Sliderin SwiftUI

What is Sliderin SwiftUI?

Switches, much like their real world counterparts offer a binary choice to the user, moving between True and False states. They often represent on/off states or Yes/no states.

This toggle can even be enabled and disabled to carry out certain pre-defined action for example displaying certain messages or options in one state and hiding the same in the alternate state. Just like TextFields and sliders, here too we need a @state variable to store the current value of the state of the Switch.

In the case of a switch you need to trigger a valueChanged event to toggle between the two states of the switch.

Just like the other UI controls seen before, we can customise the appearance of a switch too.


Toggle(< String >,< parameter >)


The parameter used for switches is a binding boolean that defines on and off states

isOn: < define action >