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Picker View

Picker View

The picker is a view that displays one or more sets of values, similar to a slot machine. Users pick values by spinning the wheels until a selection indication coincides with the appropriate row of data. Components and rows make up the user interface given by a picker view.

A picker view is a view that displays one or more sets of values on a spinning wheel or slot machine so that the user may spin the wheel to select one. It is a member of the UIPickerView class, which is derived from

UIView. class UIPickerView : UIView

As the name implies, the picker view allows the user to select an item from a list of many options. PickerView can show one or more sets, each referred to as a component. The selectable elements are represented by a sequence of indexed rows in each component. By turning the wheels, the user may pick the objects.

Adding PickerView to iOS application

  • In the object library, look for the UIPickerView and drag it to the storyboard.
  • Define the pickerview's auto-layout rules to control its location and size on different screen devices.
  • To control the data and look of PickerView, use the UIPickerViewDelegate and UIPickerViewDataSource protocols.