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SplitView Controller

SplitView Controller

Splitting the screen into two halves and displaying a view controller on either side to present the application content is required in iOS apps.

The Split View Controller is a container View Controller that controls the master-detail interface by separating the screen into two pieces so that the user may interact with the master interface before going to the detail view controller for further information.

Filterable content or browsing content hierarchies, such as visiting the folders and notes inside the Notes app to view each note, are best suited for split view interfaces. Choosing a folder in the primary sidebar displays a list of notes in that folder, and selecting a note from the list displays the contents of that note in the secondary view in the Notes app.

Split View Styles

UISplitViewController supports column-style layouts in iOS 14 and later. Using init(style:) with the proper style:, you may construct an interface with two or three columns using a column-style split view controller.

  • Use the UISplitViewController to create a split view controller.

  • Style.double

  • Create a split view interface with a two-column layout using the column style. This split view controller controls two child view controllers, one in the major column and the other in the secondary column.

  • Use the UISplitViewController to create a split view controller.

  • Style.triple

  • Create a split view interface with a three-column layout using the column style. This kind of split view controller manages three child view controllers, which are positioned in the principal, supplemental, and secondary columns.