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Important navigation in XCode

Navigation in XCode

  • Assistant Editor- Used to access the ViewController file, usually when using the Interface builder
  • ios output
  • File Inspector- Used to view information on the current file, it displays the name, type etc as shown below:
  • ios output
  • Quick Help Inspector-Used to search syntax information and accessed from the button highlighted below:
  • ios output
  • Identity Inspector-All the information on storyboard components to be able to link them to Swift Class files for assignment, is shown under the Identity Inspector. It’s where we can assign Identity names and give runtime constraints to the controls used on the Storyboard
  • ios output
  • Attribute Inspector-Specific features of various controls are assignedin the Attribute Inspector. These can modified programmatically since those assigned for storyboard views in the Inspector are static.
  • ios output
  • Size Inspector-Size and constraints can be assigned for controls and components using the Size inspector.
  • ios output
  • Connections Inspector-Connections Inspector gives us details of connections between storyboard components to the class files.
  • ios output
  • Media Library-Media libraries enable use of widgets etc in the storyboard via drag and drop actions. It’s accessible using the Command+Shift+L keys or the “+” button on the top right of the screen.
  • ios output